National Touring Standing Regulations

Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) maintains Sporting Regulations for various disciplines. Navigation Assemblies, Touring Assemblies and Touring Road Events (formerly Road Rallies) will now be run under the 2021 National Touring Standing Regulations.

2021 National Touring Standing Regulations (NTSR)

This document can be found on the Motorsport Australia website at

2020 NSW recommended additions

Most of the earlier Rules for use within NSW have been incorporated in the 2021 NTSR.

The 2020 Recommended Additions to NSW Navigation Assembly Supp Regs can be found at the NSW Rally Panel 'About Rallying' page.

The three remaining Articles, which are directed to Organisers, cover the following subjects:

  • Article 4.1 – Controls
  • After Article 3.8 – Use of Banned Equipment
  • After Article 3.5 (h) – Free Choice of Road