December 2020 newsletter

The December 2020 issue of Rally Directions is available for download

Flyer for the 2021 Dave Johnson Historic Rally

The Flyer for the Dave Johnson Historic Rally is now available.

November 2020 newsletter

The November 2020 issue of Rally Directions is available for download

October 2020 newsletter

The October 2020 issue of Rally Directions is available for download

Sheep-Wash Social Picnic Run

A new event has been added to the 2020 calendar: the Sheep-Wash Social Picnic Run, on 25 October.

CRC meetings back in new venue

The CRC Committee is pleased to announce our new meeting venue: Strathfield Golf Club.We are invited to make full use of their new $25million renovated club facilities. The club is fully up to speed with all the COVID regulations and large enough to house our numbers and are still able to maintain our regular fourth Tuesday of the month time slot.

The MG Car Club and Jaguar Drivers Club have already taken advantage of Strathfield Golf Club holding their meetings here, as has the Council of Motor Clubs commencing this month with their meeting.

We were very impressed with our meeting and tour of all the club's facilities which are alloffered to usincluding storage area, a microphone that works,all the mod cons for screening photos or videos, the return of the FFFF, a suitable venue for the First Friday Free Fling with and area set aside for us and full restaurant menu, rally car display areas, weekend BBQ's breakfasts, social drive day / rally start and finishes. It has easy access at the traffic lights into Weeroona Road off Centenary Drive at the eastern end entrance to Rookwood Cemetery.

The Bistro is closed to the public on Tuesday nights and will be open just for our CRC people. There is a set menu at $20 per head and choice of set meals, changing each month, freetea and coffeewith the bistro open from 5.30pm giving plenty of time for catch up natter.

The new meeting time will be 7.45, giving you more time to grab a drink or coffee before we leave. Social membership is offered very cheaply and is suggested to support the club and you can get a discount on your beverages. These modern club facilities are very partner/spouse suitable. So, let's get your clad rags on, polish your shoes,straighten your tieand make the effort to get along this coming Tuesday the 22nd to have a meeting get together/ catch up, and I will see you all there. Can you all respond to the club's email you will receive to register numbers ( not compulsory but desirable ) only joking about the tie.

September 2020 newsletter

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August 2020 newsletter

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August 2020 newsletter

The August 2020 issue of Rally Directions is available to download

July 2020 Newsletter

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May 2020 newsletter

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