How to navigate

The CRC fosters the training and development of inexperienced navigators. If you are interested in moving from Tour up to Apprentice or Masters, you may find the material on this page helpful.:

Navigation Schools

At the start of the year, the Classic Rally Club often holds a Navigation School, in which new navigators, or those who want to move from Tour to Apprentice, are given instruction on Rally Navigation. This typically takes place over one or two evenings.

2012 Navigation School

The presentation from the 2012 Rally School, run by Ross Warner, has been saved as a PDF document and may be freely downloaded and shared.

Download Presentation (.pdf document) Presentation (2012 - 5.2 MB)

2006 Navigation School

A particularly comprehensive Navigation School was held in 2006, run by John Henderson, with the assistance of Lui MacLennan and others.

The PowerPoint presentations from the evening have been converted to .pdf format, and are available to CRC members and sister clubs. Please note that these documents are password protected. To obtain the password, please email the CRC webmaster, advising your full name and club name.

Download Presentation Part 1 (.pdf document) Presentation part 1 (1 Feb 2006 - 563 kB)

Download Presentation Part 2.1 (.pdf document) Presentation part 2.1 (8 Feb 2006 - 410 kB)

Download Presentation Part 2.2 (.pdf document) Presentation part 2.2 (8 Feb 2006 - 2.79 MB)

Download Presentation Part 2.3 (.pdf document) Presentation part 2.3 (8 Feb 2006 - 2.3 MB)

Download Presentation Part 2.4 (.pdf document) Presentation part 2.4 (8 Feb 2006 - 1.83 MB)

Download Apprentice Exercise (.pdf document) Exercise - Apprentices (30 kB)

Download Master Exercise (.pdf document) Exercise - Masters (25 kB)


CRC thanks John Henderson and Lui MacLennan for all of their efforts in compiling and presenting the training school, and thanks also to Jeff West, who set the Cowra Conundrum used as an exercise during the school.

Navigator Aids

Here are some documents you may find useful when preparing for your first rally:

Download Key rally and navigation principles (.pdf document) Key rally and navigatgion principles ( 2012 Tony Norman )

Download How to win a touring assembly (.pdf document) How to win a touring assembly ( 2012 Gary and Wendy Maher)

Download Equipment Checklist (.pdf document) Equipment checklist ( 2001)

Download average speed tables (.pdf document) Average speed tables (speed and distance in km)
(Only necessary if the rally is timed - most are not.)

Download average speed tables (.pdf document) Average speed tables (speed in km, distance in miles)
(Only necessary if the rally is timed - most are not.)

Download Apprentice Navigator Training Pack (.pdf document) Apprentice Navigator Training Pack ( 2001)

Download Navigation in Classic Rallies (.pdf document) Navigation in Classic Rallies ( 2000 Ian Reddoch)

Download Briefing Notes for Navigators (.pdf document) Briefing Notes for Navigators ( 2007 Jeff and Peter Whitten)
From the 2007 Forest Classic Rally.

Download 1970 Ampol Trial Preparation Notes (.pdf document) 1970 Ampol Trial preparation notes for the Leyland team
(Historical interest)

You may also want to look at the Rally Meters page of this website.

Examples of Past Rally Events

As an example of the type of rally navigation typical of our events, material from some past events has been collated as a training resource.

The full set of material provided for the events to all Masters, Apprentice and Tour teams is provided where available. In addition, the rally solutions in the form of route maps and other explanatory hints have also been provided where possible. For each rally, the documents are organised into self-explanatory folders, zipped into a single archive file. Download the archive file for the rally you are interested in to your computer and extract the files using WinZip or 7-Zip.

The material for the 2016 and 2017 Alpine Classic Rallies have been provided courtesy of Ross Warner. These rallies contain good examples of most of the types of navigation techniques (and Rally Director tricks!).