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Next Championship event - The Escarpment Escape
23 February 2019
Supp regs and Entry form are available for download.

Latest 'Rally Directions', available here

The Classic Rally Club of New South Wales is the home of classic navigational rallying on the east coast of Australia. On our website you can learn all about classic rallying, see what rallies are on the calendar and read the monthly newsletters to see what we have been up to.

Classic rallying involves recreational car rally events held on sealed roads open to the public. Classic rallies are not races. The emphasis is on using navigational skills to follow route instructions.

A series of events is held throughout the year, most of which have divisions for differing levels of navigator skill.

Any vehicle that is road registered (or on historic vehicle plates) and has at least two seats is eligible to enter events.

We welcome people who are interested to come along to our monthly meetings.


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