Historic Vehicle Plates

Under the NSW RMS scheme for historic vehicles, Historic Vehicle Plates and a Conditional Registration Permit may be approved for a CRC member's vehicle if:

  • It is at least thirty years old, or it will become thirty years old in the current calendar year
  • The member's prime intended use is for club events.

The vehicle must be covered by Third Party Property Insurance, as a minimum.

A vehicle registered under the scheme may be used only for:

  • Events on the Classic Rally Club calendar
  • Events on the calendar of up to three secondary listed clubs participating in the Scheme
  • Events to which the Club has received an invitation.

The vehicle may also be driven short distances for servicing and road-testing.

Information regarding Conditional Registration can be found here on the RMS Website.

Download CRC Rules for Conditional Registration Permits (.pdf document) CRC Rules for Conditional Registration Permits

Download Application Form (.pdf document) Application Form

Download Historic Vehicle Declaration Form (.pdf document) Historic Vehicle Declaration Form


The fee payable to the RMS is as follows (effective 1 July 2016). New conditional registration Administration fee: $22 Number plate fee: $44
Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance: Varies depending on vehicle shape, usage and area of operation. Phone the RMS on 13 22 13 for additional information.

An annual fee of $25 is payable to the Classic Rally Club.


If you are interested in a Conditional Registration Permit and Historic Vehicle Plates, contact:

Ron Cooper
7 Wongawilli Road
Wongawilli NSW 2530
Home phone: 02 4261 3018
Mobile phone: 0403 037 137
email: crc.hvpATclassicrallyclub.com.au


The following people are qualified to inspect a CRC member's vehicle for Historic Vehicle Plates:

Tim McGrath tpmcgrathATbigpond.com.au 02 4285 1438
0419 587 887
Danny Castro dcastroATbigpond.net.au 02 9688 2318
0419 981 063
Peter Thompson prt108ATbigpond.net.au 02 9419 5774
Rob Panetta manningmotorsATbigpond.com 02 9498 1173 (H)
02 9939 2069 (W)
0418 963 091